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Xi'an Genting Decoration Material Co., Ltd. is an entity enterprise focusing on the research, development and production of soft bag decoration. The technology originated from Taiwan and was established in 2009. Adhering to the concept of excellence, the company follows the development trend of the soft bag decoration industry at home and abroad, and introduces internationally leading technology soft bag patented products, Xi'an curtains, soft bags and ART soft bags series products. The products have good sound absorption, decoration, heat insulation, fire prevention , Dust-proof, light weight, delicate environmental protection, easy installation, saving man-hours and other advantages have been well received by users. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to home improvement, hotels, KTV, stadiums, Guangzhou ...
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Genting Decoration Customer Testimonials

    • 龙湖香醍卧室

      Longhu fragrant bedroom

      We are renovating a new home. This is a soft bag designed by Xi'an Genting about the position of the bedside according to our overall home style. We like the soft bag style. The home furnishings are also soft. Xi'an Genting service is in place. We are very like. ...

    • 林隐天下

      Lin Yin Tian Xia

      Xi'an Genting has a lot of soft bag patterns, elegant and bright. We chose this soft bag pattern. Xi'an Genting is really professional and the design is impeccable. ...

    • 九锦台卧室

      Jiu Jintai bedroom

      The headboard that Xi'an Genting designed for us matched our decoration style and raised the overall grade of the bedroom. I really like it. ...

    • 家庭影院软包墙面

      Home Theater Soft Wall

      This is the place where our family members have fun and entertainment. I will come here to watch a movie when I am busy, to adjust my mood. The soft wall of the home theater designed by Xi'an Genting is very comfortable and good. ...

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    • 西安云顶软装设计丨家具搭配的常用手法 The matching of furniture plays a decisive role in the soft furnishing style of the space. Different matching methods can create different atmospheres such as traditional, modern, and rural. Because of this, the matching of furniture has become the highlight of soft furnishing design. one. Today, let's talk about some common methods of furniture matching. The first thing to be sure of is that a space can be furnished with different styles of furniture, so there is nothing wrong with it, even if you want to make a single style, you can embellish different styles of items. It should be noted that there is a proportional problem, that is, most of the furniture in the space needs to maintain the same style to determine the tone, and another small part can be decorated with other styles to make the space more active. In matching, there are 5 elements ...
    • 2019年西安软装市场的发展趋势! The soft wear industry has developed in China for several years. More and more soft wear stores have been endless. The number of soft wear design companies, Internet soft wear, and other soft wear companies is increasing. The market is relatively not optimistic. A considerable number of soft furnishing companies are only selling products. Even some of the more powerful soft furnishing companies, most of them serve hotels, restaurants, sales offices and luxury villas. For ordinary residential owners with large user groups, soft furnishing is just a concept that has just begun. Now there are several reasons that restrict the development of the market. One is the concept of consumption. The domestic decoration industry starts with hard decoration, and the publicity strategy has always been to avoid design fees, while the design and matching of soft decoration more require designers to do their homework ...
    • 选购西安窗帘不了解这几点怎么行 There are more and more types of curtains on the market. How do we choose curtains? Let's understand it through the following content together! I. How to choose the window shape of curtains If the window is floor-standing, then it is better to choose a drop-type screen curtain, with an art track on the top, which is simple but also feels like a thousand miles. The curtain flutters when the wind rises. If it is a bay window, then the design of the curtain should adopt the Romanesque design. This design has two major advantages. One is that it uses less cloth, and the other is that the curtain is stacked when stacked, which has a three-dimensional effect and saves space. Ordinary windows use the popular design. Install a brow, use curtains and veil to match, and use the form of folio, which is equally generous and decent. If the arc-shaped window is designed, you should also pay attention to the curved track design when choosing curtains ...
    • 怎样挑选窗帘?切记以下6点事项 The choice of curtains should be in accordance with the overall planning effect of the room. It is our goal to make reasonable use of lighting and shading to make the home more environmentally friendly and beautiful. So how to choose curtains. Hope the following introduction can help you.
    • 西安装修需要注意什么? Renovation is a very systematic and hard work. Many owners find that they have left a lot of small regrets after being renovated because they are not careful. The editor of Bologna will sort out the decoration precautions for you. 1. The specific location of the switch socket is unclear, which results in poor use. Some furniture will block the switch socket, causing a lot of socket waste to be unusable. In addition, the bed is too short. Only half body can get it. 2. It is not clear that the dark color is not good for dirt resistance, even if walking barefoot on the floor, dust will appear. 3. It is not clear that the utilization rate of the double pole towel rack is poor. Generally speaking, it is better to choose a single pole or a hook. 4. It turned out that washing the fabric bed requires the outer skin to be completely washed. It takes me half a day to wash it once. 5 ...
    • 西安装修与装饰的区别是什么? Xi'an decoration generally refers to the construction of demolition, modification, replacement, and construction of building structures. Before the decoration activities, construction can only be started after the approval of the housing management department or the property management department to ensure the scientificity and rationality of the project construction plan. The decoration works are large, consume a lot of funds, have strong professional skills, and have a relatively long construction period. Therefore, for each family, not only must it be careful, but also it must be completed by a professional construction team in order to receive satisfactory results. Decoration generally refers to the packaging treatment of the surface of the building to improve the quality of the living environment and highlight the personality of each family. It is generally completed by painting, wall mounting, and hanging. Therefore, when decorating indoors, without the consent of the house management and property management departments, decisions can be made within the family. Xi'an Genting Decoration ...
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